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When things go fantastical awry!

Boy oh boy, when I took over Breakpoint, I had no idea what I was getting into! It's been a wild ride, and I'd love for you to join me on the ups and downs!

Before I forget, I better introduce myself! HI! My name is Jamie, and I am the owner of Breakpoint Escape Rooms. I took over from the previous owner in November of 2022, and we have had so much fun! My 7 year old, my husband, my employees and I have been busy running rooms, switching up rooms, and building a new location. I have always been a fan of management, but running a business is another beast entirely!

Let's start with the basics. I have an incredible staff who has not only been the face of Breakpoint, but has been instrumental in producing the amazing new games coming soon. First off, we have our Game Masters Chloe, Morgan and Ash. They joined me right from the start and haven't looked back. Then we have our Game Designed Brenda. Brenda joined us in January with a theater and Renaissance Faire background, and her creativity knows no bounds. Each staff member wears many hats, and are truly the wheels that drive this crazy train. In this blog, I hope to show how awesome it is behind the scenes, the highs, the lows, the puzzles, the props, and the fails! Whether you're an escape room newbie or enthusiast, or a fellow Game Owner, I hope you find something to delight you in this process!

For now, I shall bid you adieu and talk to you soon. Come back for more, and maybe even some puzzles!


Breakpoint Escape Rooms Located in Stevens Point

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