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Have you met our NEW owner?

Well, you should! She took over BREAKPOINT in November of 2022, and boy has she changed things up! From switching to our new location to open new rooms, we cannot be more pleased with the new energy she has poured into the business. Without further adieu, I present to you, Jamie Titus!

Haha, what an intro! I'm Jamie! I never expected to find myself as the owner of this amazing business, but I can tell you it's been one of the best experiences I've ever had. I've gotten to grow and expand, personally, professionally and creatively, and I've made some amazing friends along the way. When I moved to Stevens Point, I came as a 20 year old with a newborn, fresh out of a domestic violence situation. I came here for shelter, not realizing I would fall in love with the community, or begin a life here. Now I have been in the area for 7 years, and am proud to call this home! I bought BREAKPOINT in November from Jaime and Kevin White, who I've known for years! They are an amazing couple, and their hearts had been turned towards life coaching. Rather than have BREAKPOINT close it's doors, they invited me to take over to ensure new life would be breathed into it! And I had no clue what I was getting into! When I began, there weren't any employees, and no new rooms had been made since 2017. Anyone who knows me knows I struggle with keeping things as they are and LOVE to improve or find new avenues to build up. We immediately began building a new room once our in house designer, Brenda Smoot, came on board! Sadly, that room never got to fruition due to the location we were formerly in closing our business hours. So we decided to PIVOT (Can anyone here Ross shouting this from Friends?) and get a new space! We searched and found the perfect location to begin anew, in the Booher Woodland Strip Mall, near Fleet Farm. And I have enjoyed it ever since!

I knew being a business owner would take a lot out of you. You hear from other entrepreneurs and small business owners about the amount of hours they have to put in, leaving behind their family time and social lives, and I can confirm this is true! However, I have been very blessed that my husband and daughter have stuck it out with me, diving in to help wherever they could! That's not even including the friends and employees that have done incredible amounts to this new space!

Our Lair of the Beast room has now been launched for 2 weeks, and it truly wouldn't have been possible without Brenda Smoot and Morgan P, one of our lead Game Masters. They put so much creativity, blood, sweat and tears, and then some more! Every time I hear a group utter a "Whoa" when they walk in, I dance inside. Other people get to see the fruits of Morgan and Brenda's labor, and it is amazing every time! Now, I know everyone wants to know "What's Next?". Well, let me tell you! The Tiki Island is coming next (although that name may be subject to change). We love a good mystery, and we are taking inspiration from Scooby Doo's Spooky Island to make it something amazing! After that, a fan favorite, Pawn Shop, will be making it's way to our new location for a short time! Once those two are up, Mad as a Hatter will follow shortly! Then you must stay tuned! After the Holidays, Pawn Shop will be retiring permanently to make way for our team up with Mission Coffee for a spy thriller, Mission: Coffee-Possible. You will NOT wanna miss that one!

For now, I bid you adieu and bid you stay tuned!

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